Tech support fails

Hey guys.

This post is very off topic but I wanted to share this information somewhere to help the next person searching.

How to clear your playlist queue on Youtube.. there is no step by step guide for this. Please comment and prove me wrong.

How to connect wifi to a firetv with no remote. The answer is that you CAN’T. I wish someone would of said that and I would of saved like 2 hours of my time.

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Space Oddity and BPD

Having a mental illness can be hard af. I mean, who wants to wake up in the middle of the night, heart racing and crying for no real reason? No one. We deal with our mind betraying us every few minutes and hate the spaceship we’re trapped in.

Ground Control to Major Tom. Be careful but not too careful.

The way we react to the environment around us has to be calculated, thought out. We are the crazies that people write movies about. We take extra care in how we present ourselves because folks can’t handle you melting over someone yelling at you, then laughing at yourself ten minutes later. We have to precise, trained to handle “the unknown”.

Now your anxiety is ALL THE WAY UP (Fat Joe voice) because you have been trying your best to be careful, putting your emotional mask on, but you can’t hold back anymore. You finally erupt on someone, usually the one who loves you the most.

I get this. I understand it completely. Anyone who has Borderline Personality Disorder does. But your eruption is NOT excusable. No one deserves to be treated poorly because of your health concerns. I hate joining a support group where people are complaining about how dumb their mother is for burning the toast and the members are telling them they “totally understand” and bashing others that tell the OP that they shouldn’t disrespect their mother. We should be able to hold each other accountable for our actions. We should be able to see the wrong even if it felt uncontrollable at the time. We CAN control ourselves, you may just need more practice.

Practice makes perfect. Commencing countdown, engines on.

This spaceship we’re trapped in has a whole bunch of buttons and controls. With BPD, maybe yours got some wires hanging out, some buttons missing labels, and filled with smoke from the engine. You are the captain. You are in control. You may have had terrible training and feel like you should jump tf out of the ship, don’t. It’s your ship, you built it and are continuing to fix it up the way you need it to be.

Keep working Captain. You got all the tools you need. If you don’t, send me a message and we can talk it through.

Signing off, Ground Control Bre

Wifi Down

So many click, click, clicks, so much time to wait

Look here, come on look there, everything is click bait

I got so much shit in me, filled up with hate

I wish I had a sense of who the fuck I was and just become them like Kate

Fuck Fate

Fuck pushing back from the plate

Even though I cry and cry and cry and cry about how much I ate

Today, aint nothing but a date

A door may be open but isn’t it still just a gate?